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Transworld Health

Transworld Health is a global health provider that delivers an unparalleled client experience embracing the finest international hospitals, clinics and centres affording world class treatment and care programs in locations such as Malaysia, India and Latin America.

As part of the Transworld Group of Companies with its presence in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, Transworld Health enjoys the resources, security and benefits this provides and enables us to deliver the very best service, client patient comfort and security, all backed by the Transworld Health Guarantee.

Why Us

Transworld Health is a global health provider, combining first class treatments with premier flights, accommodation, transport and a range of extras, at what is an affordable cost with significant savings over comparable treatments available in Australia and New Zealand.

With Transworld Health, treatments are available when you require. There is no lengthy waiting times or concerns about prior history. This along with secure client and medical portals, comprehensive insurance through Lloyds of London and your own client care consultant, adds up to a safe, reliable, premium service delivering an unparalleled client experience at an affordable cost.

Your health and well being is our prime concern. The Transworld Health ‘total care’ package provides Clients a range of dental, optical, cosmetic and elective treatments, post operative care and rehabilitation programs all delivered by selected, highly qualified practitioners from premier accredited locations. This coupled with direct access to your personal care consultant and affiliate medical and well-being network, makes Transworld Health unrivalled in its delivery of holistic Client care.

Our Difference

Unlike medical tourism facilitators, Transworld Health contracts directly with hospitals, clinics and well-being centres selected for providing Client treatments and programs. In this way, we assume the direct responsibility for meeting the cost and overseeing delivery of the treatment or program to which you have subscribed.

Transworld Health differs though from private health funds in that you only pay when you need treatment or access to a program and it does not matter that you had a pre-existing condition. There are no waiting periods, membership contracts or monthly subscriptions extending over many years whether or not you require treatment and worse still, increasing at regular intervals. With Transworld Health, you simply chose the treatment or program you seek and pay based on the quote that we provide, while at the same time enjoying all the usual benefits and protections afforded in terms of doctor-client confidentiality and medical protection.

To find out more about Transworld Health: transworld-health.com